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We believe that everyone should have the right to choose the service that suits their needs.

In our system we give you  the opportunity to decide on the price
and choose the most comfortable option.
In the calendar you will find a selection of  days that are covered by discount.
If you would like to get quick quote without unnecessary
complications and hassle please use one of the above form.


1. If you are planning to move within London
    please use the form called  LONDON-LONDON

2. If you are planning to move from London to England or from England to London
    please use the form called LONDON-ENGLAND

3. If you are planning to move from Poland to England or from England to Poland
    please use the form called LONDON-POLAND 

4. If you required any special service please use the form  SPECIAL SERVICES


Our system will calculate the price for you only  if you complete detail of your removal in form provided.

Completing the form will take no longer than 2 minutes.

Have a go it won't cost anything and you can save your quote to come back later.


Packing materials

Our wide product range includes all the packing and wrapping products needed for a house move.


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Our company specializes in both private and domestic removals.


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Removal gide

A few useful tips when moving home.


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