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Removal guide

Moving is a very difficult and challenging undertaking.
Avoid the stress and save time by finding a professional
removal company that suits your needs.
Our company offers a reliable and professional service
that guarantee success without unnecessary complications along the way.
Moving is a task for professional.

Below is a list of seven tips that may help when you planning the removal.

1. Removal plan

A good plan is essential, saves time, eliminates stress and removes
the risk of missing even the smallest detail.

2. Time

People do not realize how much belongings they have.
Very often one day is not enough to pack everything,
therefore start to pack at least a few days before removal.
Remember to segregate and pack everything properly.

3. Finding the right company

Finding the right removal company can make your life a lot easier,
but remember the cheapest does not always means the best.
Often the price does not include the essential services
and you have to pay extra money for it after the removal.
The experience of the company is also very important,
everyone wants to be sure that  their belongings  arrive at new place in "one piece”.
Professionals will help you move efficiently and effectively.

4. Help

When you agree the final date of your removal ask your
family or friends for help.
Help of your family or friends may be essential.
Inform them about you removal at least a week before, so they can book a time for you.

5. Marking your removal boxes

 Include a list of contents to every box.
 Label boxes clearly to which room they are destined for/coming from.
 Every box should contain the following information:
- content
- warning, if the package contains gently objects (eg cups)
- the appropriate designation "top - down" cardboard
- mark clearly correct destination of each cardboard.

6. Secure your items

When packing, remember that all items are properly secured.
It will help you to avoid destruction or damage of your items.

Remember to:
- secured cardboard with adhesive tape;
- remember that the weight of the package does not exceed 50 kg;
- when packing remember do not leave an empty space,
  the entire space should be filled for example with  bubble wrap.

7. Insurance

Make sure that the removals company offers insurance and what it covers.
If the insurance does not meet your expectations it is worth to think about individual

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Removal gide

A few useful tips when moving home.


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