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Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions describe the rules in which parties agree to enter into contract for the service of transportation. By booking the service of the transport by phone or by using the internet, you agree to the following terms and conditions. 
1. All fees are calculated from the moment of reaching the address given by the customer to the destination address.

2. The object of the service is the transport from the moment of reaching the address given by the customer to the destination address
Our service includes: - Van with loading capacity of 18CBM-20CBM - Driver / assistant depending on the choice of the client when making the reservation. Duration time of the service will be given in the summary before booking the service and also will be given on the reservation document. Duration time of the service depends on the distance between the addresses given by the client and the type of required service. We assume that items will be packed and ready for the transport at the time of arrival of our van at the address given by the client with exception of FULL SERVICE. 

3. Additional Work 

a) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following is not included within the quotation

b) Dismantling or assembly of units or furniture (including flat pack items 
c) Disconnecting, reconnecting, dismantling or reassembling any appliances, fixtures,   fittings or equipment; 
d) Taking up or removal of fitted floor coverings; 
e) The movement of any item or items which our staff reasonably believe they cannot move  safely, whether due to its nature or its position.

f) You are recommended to make arrangements for any such work to be provided for separately. 
4. Additional fee for time exceeding. 
POLISHMOVERS makes every effort to fit in a contracted time; however if the time is exceeded with factors beyond our control the additional fee of £30.00 will be added for every 30 minutes.  For example: too many small items for loading, items  not properly packed and  not ready for loading.
5. We reserve the right to amend the price stated in the quotation to take account of changes of circumstances which were not taken into account when preparing our quotation and are confirmed by us in writing. Such factors may include the following:

a) Where the work is not carried out or completed within 3 months of the date stated in the quotation; 
b) Increased costs resulting from currency fluctuations or changes in taxation or freight charges; 
c) We supply any additional services; 
d) The work is carried out outside of normal business
e) We are required to provide additional services not included within the quotation, including the moving or storing extra goods

f) We are unable to obtain access to the delivery or collection point or such accesses   inadequate or inappropriate for our vehicles; 
g) We have to pay parking or other charges 
h) There are delays or events outside our reasonable control which increase the cost or resources required to complete the work. Such events include waiting for keys while exchanging contracts. In these cases hourly rate applies. If a fixed price has been agreed prior to the removal, hourly rate applies as per our price list. 

6.  Excluded Goods
a) Unless previously agreed by us in writing by a director, the following items are     excluded from this contract and will not be removed and must not be submitted for store; 
b) Prohibited, stolen goods, drugs, pornographic material, potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, aerosols, paints and firearms and ammunition; 
c) Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of any similar kind; 
d) Any goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation or contamination; 
e) Perishable items and/or those requiring a controlled environment or refrigerated or frozen food or drink;

f) Animals, birds or fish; 
g) Goods requiring any licence or government consent for export or import or any movement contemplated within the removal. 
h) If we do agree to remove any such goods we will not accept any liability for loss or damage unless we are negligent or in breach of contract.
7. In general, customers book a time for a POLISHMOVERS to arrive. While every effort is made to arrive at the appointed time, however there are many factors which can cause a POLISHMOVERS to arrive late, therefore it should be understood that there is no guarantee that we will arrive on time and no liability or penalty can be attributed should a POLISHMOVERS arrive late. If we are going to be more than 30 minutes late the driver will attempt to contact the customer by phone and advice of an arrival time.  

8. It will be our responsibility to deliver your goods to you undamaged. This means that we will deliver the goods to you in the condition they were in at the time of packing or made ready for transportation. 
9. A 3.5 tonne van can be loaded with 1 tonne worth of goods. The driver is the person deciding whether the van is overloaded or whether more goods can be loaded in the vehicle. It can be checked on demand at local recycling centres at the cost of £5-10 payable by the client. The driver will inform you if additional vans or more trips are needed. The price will be discussed with the office and altered accordingly.

10. Sub-Contracting We reserve the right to sub-contract part or all of the work provided for under this Agreement in which case these Terms and Conditions will continue to apply in full. 
11. Your responsibility. If there is any access problems associated with your job or there are any conditions that make your job unusual such as access via an external fire escape or spiral stair ways etc you must advise us. Also if there is any change to the circumstances of your job, you must advise us as soon as you know the latest at the time of booking.

12. You must own all goods to be moved or have the permission of the owner, if we have any legal problems with goods inside the vehicle all responsibilities will be passed upon you.

13. Insurance. We are insured up to £25.000. If the value of your belongings is higher than £25.000 we recommend you to insured yourself individually for an amount corresponding to the value of your belongings.
Insurance cover the damages only if the staff is packed by our workers.                                     
14. By booking a POLISHMOVERS by telephone or via the internet you have agreed to our terms and conditions and to make full payment on completion. We accept payments in cash, credit or debit card. We'll not negotiate the price after the removal is completed and the payment must be settled in full. 
15. Cancelation Policy. The customer can cancel the reservation within no less than 48 hours for local removals and 14 days for international removals before the required date. In the event of cancelation by the customer for less than 48 hours (local removals) and 14 days (international removals) before the scheduled date of removal, the client will be charged the full amount in the amount determined when confirming the reservation.  
16. POLISHMOVERS will not hesitate to take legal action to defend our interest, if an amicable settlement of the case proves to be ineffective or impossible. 
17. POLISHMOVERS are obliged to behave well and polite to our clients, accordance with the rules of good manners. Such a behavior is expected from customers. POLISHMOVERS will not tolerate any form of humiliation, insult or discrimination against its employees. In the event of such accident the relevant authority will be notified.

18.The payment for the service has to be done within 14 days of the date of invoice. If the payment is delay more than 14 days “Polish Movers” is entailed to charge penalty of 5% of total Invoice amount but not less than £30.00.

Updated: September 2018

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